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What We Do

Ignite Hope helps young adults, ages 16 to 25, recovering from addiction get healthy through exercise and volunteering opportunities. We connect participants with our fitness partners for free monthly access to their facility in exchange for 1 hour of charity work within our community. We encourage them to make getting fit and giving back a part of their new lifestyle, while hopefully developing positive social groups in the process.

What makes our program unique is that we focus on transitioning participants from reliance on structured rehabilitation programs to a balanced lifestyle of recovery, health and involvement within the community. Our fitness and charitable partners support our participants as they move forward toward more productive and fulfilling futures.

Who We Help

Ignite Hope helps young men and women, ages 16-25, who are currently in out-patient substance abuse programs (inclusive but not limited to AA, NA, psychotherapy treatment and day and night programs). Recovering young adults often have a more difficult time making the transition from addiction to a healthy lifestyle. They may not have the economic means or the connections of school or social service agencies to reinforce healthy lifestyle choices and they may not have established healthy social or work relationships. Ignite Hope helps participants break old, harmful routines and establish new, beneficial ones.

What Makes Us Different?

There is a strong connection between a healthy body, a healthy attitude towards life and continued recovery. Fitness and giving back through volunteering support these goals. Ignite Hope is one of the only programs for young adults dedicated to combining these efforts.

Exercise provides a wealth of physical, psychological and emotional benefits. A healthy lifestyle infused with a regular fitness routine builds physical endurance and self-confidence. It’s also an opportunity to feel stronger, healthier and more capable of gaining control of your life.

Volunteering offers participants the opportunity to experience the benefits of connecting and interacting with others and contributing to the improvement of their situations.

Participating in fitness classes and dedicating time to a charity lets participants share a sense of purpose with other members of the community without the stigma of addiction.

How It Works

Ignite Hope fitness partners provide free memberships and/or classes to participants. Our participants sign an agreement stating they will use their fitness membership at least two times per week and complete one hour of charity work per month. Each month, participants fill out logs showing the completion of their charity work and fitness workouts. When they turn in the logs, they receive a new monthly pass to the fitness facility.

Our partner workout gyms and fitness studios are located in the Arlington Heights area.
Workout includes: a 30-minute kickboxing routine at 9Round.

Loyalty Grants

Our participants can remain in the program for up to one year by simply keeping up with their commitments. At the completion of the year, they are eligible to apply for an Ignite Hope Loyalty Grant. These grants, starting at $1000, are for use toward further education or personal enrichment.

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