In 2011, more than 57,000 people in Illinois were being treated for drug and alcohol abuse. Yet, there’s a gap in services and opportunities for men and women ages 18-25. They may not have the benefits or connections of school or social service agencies to reinforce healthy lifestyle choices. Often, they don’t have the income to afford healthy alternatives, such as gym or fitness studio memberships. That’s where Ignite Hope steps up and you can step in.

Your support can help these young adults get their lives back on track and move forward on the way to becoming valuable members of the community. Now is the time to help these young adults – while they can still establish life-long healthy lifestyles.

Ignite Hope is based in Arlington Heights, Illinois and all participants come from local programs. Your donation remains in the community. Our participants live in Arlington Heights and the neighboring communities. Our fitness facilities are local businesses, and our charitable partners are based locally.

Drug abuse and addiction is costly for every member of the community - higher health-care costs, increased crime rates and related costs, and losses in productivity. A small investment in one individual can mean large savings to the entire community.

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